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Where we Started

The initial inception of NV & O began in 2013 when the founder, Nanette Vaughn, began to notice changes in her skin. As any person ages the connective tissues in skin changes reducing the skin’s strength and elasticity. Many products claim to lessen or even counteract this natural process. Vaughn wanted to understand what made these companies feel they could make such claims, so she began to research. 

For two years Vaughn researched ingredients, took classes, and learned everything she could about the art of skin care. Through her dedicated research she came to the conclusion that a better product could and should be created. She decided to pioneer her own skin care line. Instrumental mentors and family support helped Vaughn begin her journey of NV & O.

NV & O exists to better the lives and skin condition for women in the greater Atlanta area. As a female founder, Vaughn seeks to empower other women by being a role model for them and her daughter, Olivia (the O in NV & O).

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